NPC List

Base HQ

  • NPC Newbie Equipment  Newbie Weapon, Newbie Armor, Newbie Booster Level 1 Free
  • NPC Equipment Type B  All Weapon, Armor, Shield Level 35 - 50 Intense buy with Race Money
  • NPC Potion  Potion HP 4000, FP 2500, SP 800 buy with Race Money
  • NPC Talic Collector  Primary Talic, Other Talic Box, T3 & Red Stone Box exchange with Race Money
  • NPC Hero  Chaos Potion buy with Race Money, Convert Money 1B to Capsule
  • NPC Buffer  Free Buff

Ether Platform

  • NPC Paybox  Prime Gacha Box exchange, Free Buff

Elan Plateau

  • NPC Supplier (near Soul Sinder)  Trap & Tower Level 45 - 50 buy with Race Money

Sette Desert

  • NPC Elemental & Daily Quest NPC  Elemental Very Low and Take Daily Quest


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